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Home appliance industry has entered the era of low growth normalized price war fear

Publisher: Qilong  Time:2018-07-17

Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said, by the real estate market downturn and other factors, from January to September appliances merchandise sales growth slowed. In 5000 the Ministry of Commerce to monitor key retail enterprises, household appliances merchandise sales increased 5.9 percent, down 4.5 percentage points.

[CHEAA Comments] After years of popularity and a series of policies to stimulate consumption market potential overdraft, China's home appliance industry is to bid farewell to the era of high growth and low growth will become the new norm of consumer appliances market, which will also lead to competition among home appliance business more intense. To maintain market share, some manufacturers will not hesitate to dishing out price war "since the loss of one thousand eight hundred wounded enemy" banner, and even disdain for the price war has always been a price war by Gree also had to defend its dominant air-conditioning industry position. One can imagine that the future price war is not limited to the air conditioning industry, but extended to all home appliances category, and will become the norm of the competition means the appliance business.

20% & 137 million

According to incomplete statistics, in 2010 television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, computers and other major home appliances production reached 500 million units, the annual theoretical amount over 50 million units scrap, scrap average annual growth of 20%, 2020 Electronics products scrapped each year will reach 137 million units.

[Comment] CHEAA of electrical and electronic products have entered the retirement peak, huge social ownership means that waste electrical and electronic recycling industry will rapidly expand, attracting all kinds of enterprises influx. In order to ensure the healthy development of the recycling industry, relevant laws and regulations and recycling channel system should improve as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be more and more regular army will be defeated in the recovery of the game with the guerrillas in. Formal recycling business, the first thing should be based on industry environmental and social benefits, and take the initiative to enhance the recycling process level, thus bringing the recycling industry bigger and stronger.


For the first Alibaba listing of the "double 11", the outside world is now widely predicted sales will exceed 500 billion yuan. Lynx president Wang Yulei said he would not predict specific numbers, but surely, said:. "More than 35 billion yuan is certainly not a problem."

[Comment] CHEAA double eleven year sales will inevitably Ali's position in the global investors and stock prices have a significant impact, while 35 billion pairs Ali is a bottom line. Jingdong, Suning Tesco, the United States and other electricity providers in advance online promotional streaming, sniper Ali double eleven, overseas sellers and consumers face region, culture, consumer habits, and many other differences, logistics constraints in the face of unfavorable factors, Ali Can successfully achieved sales of 35 billion or higher, we'll see.


Alibaba plans in the next three to five years invested 10 billion yuan development Thousands of Villages county plan, namely the establishment of 1,000 county-level operations centers and 100,000 village-level service stations, promote rural entrepreneurship opportunities "Taobao village" model in the country scale promotion.

[Comment] CHEAA channel sink, so the electricity supplier war from twelve markets continue to burn to thirty-four even rural markets. According to Ali predicted that in 2014 the National Rural online shopping market size of 180 billion yuan, the 2016 is expected to grow to 460 billion yuan scale, a huge market growth space for electricity providers to accelerate the layout of the rural market giants, have to go to the rural fields whitewash . It can be said, who can control the rural market, who are expected to dominate the future of the electricity supplier pattern.


TCL Group expects the first three quarters of this year net profit of 3 billion -30.8 billion, an increase of 72% -77%, of which attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 2.18 billion -22.3 billion, an increase of 72% -76%, more than 2013 full-year earnings.

[Comment] TCL Group CHEAA first three quarters of net profit surge mainly Huaxing power business continued to benefit from steady growth, profitability continued to improve, as well as significantly improve the profitability of TCL Communication business. TCL to achieve such performance, but also show TCL has achieved progress in advancing the "Double +" strategic transformation, and further embrace the Internet and the expansion of customer value and so on.