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Former home appliance extended warranty dispute must first be considered a good buy account

Publisher: Qilong  Time:2018-07-17

The price of 18,999 yuan LCD TV, you are willing to spend more than 1,200 yuan to extend the warranty period of three years, money to buy rest assured it? On the 12th, the news from the City Council, said home appliance extended warranty can not find the warranty of the unit, extended warranty period repair appliances be charged an additional fee and other "extended warranty" dispute had become a hot consumer complaints. City Council recommended that the majority of consumers in the purchase of home appliance extended warranty service, pay attention to the agreed extended warranty scope, duration, fees, etc., carefully chosen to avoid the flowers "money wasted."

Manufacturers do not buy extended warranty repair

Not long ago, the public Wang family's refrigerator is broken, but exceeded the warranty period. At this time, Ms. Wang remembered when buying a refrigerator, the promoters had a recommendation to buy their own two-year extended warranty products.

"I want to, it seems that this extended warranty is to buy the right product. Who knows when I contact the manufacturers to provide after-sales service, the manufacturers refused." Ms. Wang was wondering, do spend money after bad? Wang they went to the store consulting, promoters said the extended warranty products store sales, so the extended warranty service provided by the store, the manufacturers of natural invalid. Finally, the store provides repair services for Ms. Wang.

Wang believes that extended warranty service and the "three guarantees" are different, businesses should explain in advance, you can avoid such trouble to produce.

Extended warranty into a "price" means

"The so-called two-year extended warranty is simply not a gift, but I spent 500 yuan to buy the extended warranty products." Xiaoliao to attend university in Chongqing, said last summer, he used the summer part-time salary, for parents to buy a LCD TVs. However, just two weeks before a friend bought the same model TV, Shique Xiaoliao purchase expensive 500 yuan. Mall promoters introduced, although expensive 500 yuan, but presented a two-year extended warranty period, the warranty period after television, maintenance costs cheaper.

Extended warranty at a cost of 5 to 5000 yuan

Yesterday, the Chinese Commercial News reporters Zou Fangduo and Jia Jiadian stores understand that the store's extended warranty costs vary, ranging from 5 yuan / year, to more than 5000 yuan / year.

"Extended warranty service period is generally 1 to 3 years, the specific charges are based on the price of home appliances." Gome a store promotional staff, with more than 18,000 yuan of LG TV, for example, extended warranty shall pay 460 yuan a year, 2 years 865 yuan, 1,280 yuan for three years. Extended warranty costs generally are between 5% to 20% of the product price.

Meanwhile, Suning, Gome, trading companies, and other appliance stores have also launched a special extended warranty products, are to be clearly marked on the extended warranty period, scope of services, processes. Suning Yan insurance products, "Sun Bao" commitment free of charge site, parts costs, labor costs; maintenance three times, 4th free replacement machine. Suning to buy even if not using appliances, as long as the good, you can buy the extended warranty. The United States extended warranty products "home security", mainly for computers, notebook computers, TVs, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and other seven major components products. If the extended warranty period, refrigerators, freezers cause food spoilage due to failure deterioration, the United States will be compensated up to 100 yuan foods compensation.

Currently, the main extended warranty contracts is determined based primarily on buying stores, consumers buy goods in shopping malls, and shopping malls are generally signed at factory outlets to buy, then check with the manufacturer. "Consumers and who signed the extended warranty contract, who is responsible for maintenance by." Appliance industry sources said.

Extended warranty "extension pack"

Appliance extended warranty service, refers to the period after the three bags of household electrical appliances, to extend its warranty service. However, the City Council relevant responsible person said, "extended warranty service" and "three" is completely different, not the "three guarantees" continuation. Most extended warranty business for promotional launch of value-added services, the service provider of both manufacturers, there are businesses, as well as businesses and third-party extended warranty companies operate, or by specialized extended warranty companies and other independent operators. Consumers usually during the extended warranty, you can enjoy free maintenance and repair services, but need to pay the cost of fees required for the part.


Large appliances and more cost-effective to purchase extended warranty

Yesterday, the Chinese Commercial News reporters Cai Fangduo and Ge Jiadian service personnel found that most appliance manufacturers and stores provided "extended warranty period" is 1-3 years appliance normal warranty period, and the possibility of a faulty appliance is not at this time high.

Daping Zhang said the boss of a home appliance repair, home appliances and high incidence of failure there are two, one after the purchase and use within one year, the second is more than 5 years to product end of life. So, whether you want to pay to buy the extended warranty service, consumers should be, as the case of products to be.

Chinese Commercial News reporter Le Jiedao current machine for repair three packs a year, the main components of repair kits for 3 years. Computers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and other appliances safe use period is generally 8 to 10 years, power plants warranty period is generally much smaller than the actual life of appliances. Appliance extended warranty services are then provided from 1 to 4 years of free maintenance service outside the guarantee period, the calculation of the time from the beginning of three bags deadline.

So, what appliances for extended warranty?

"Great appliance purchase extended warranty service is relatively more cost-effective, most cost-effective LCD TV." Chongqing Gome stakeholders suggested, flat panel TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other large appliances goods should be purchased, because the probability of failure of these products compared large, and maintenance costs are relatively high.

The source calculations, consumers buy more than 10,000 yuan color TV manufacturers offer warranty period is 3 years. If you exceed the warranty period of one year, you have to self-inflicted damage to the monitor and other after-sales network fault repair, out of their pocket. At current market fees, consumers spend about 6000 yuan, but if buying a three-year extended warranty service, just over 1,000 yuan.

Generally, cookers, microwave ovens, electric fans and small appliances such warranty period is generally 1 to 2 years. But these appliances repair rate is not high, and the maintenance cost is not high, consumers do not have to buy the extended warranty. In addition, some pledges itself has long branded products, not necessarily longer need to buy the extended warranty service.


See the extended warranty Terms of Service

City Council responsible person, currently, this is the extended warranty service for consumers to save maintenance costs and health, but the existence of bundling individual extended warranty service contract is unknown, confusion warranty parties and other phenomena, associated with complaints increasingly warming, a consumer complaint hot.

In this regard, the official said, when consumers choose appliance extended warranty service, be sure to ask what services to provide extended warranty appliance stores or product is responsible for the maintenance factory. At the same time, may refer to "three guarantees" provisions, and provide extended warranty companies signed specific, detailed extended warranty contract, the scope, duration, failure to define the responsibility of underwriting unit name, contact information, etc., to be clear. Also, try to choose merchandise offered by the manufacturer extended warranty service, or quality, high credibility of third-party extended warranty companies or businesses. Finally, consumers should take good care of merchandise invoices and extended warranty contracts, to ensure that documented the event of a dispute.